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Internet Banking and Privacy Policies

Privacy policy legislation affects internet banking just as it does any other type of banking establishment. You might want to keep your personal information private. If so, it is good to know how your bank treats privacy policy. A study was done to determine how well different banks, including internet banking companies, dealt with privacy [...]

Books on Internet Banking

There are many intellectual books on internet banking. There seem to be few that the average person can read and understand. With a little investigation at your local bookstore and online, you can find some fairly recent books that have something to say to the average consumer about internet banking. Scams and Swindles: Phishing, Spoofing, [...]

Problems with Internet Banking

Most people who have accounts with traditional banks do some internet banking now. Some are hesitant because of problems they see in the industry. While there are some disadvantages to internet banking, many of the problems start with the consumer. For example, there are still quite a few people who do not use internet banking [...]

Time Management a Itas Not Work That Kills You

Talking of good time management, the first thing that comes to our mind is our professional work or household duties. People say they spend a lot of time in the workplace, hence, do not have time to spend with their family or on themselves. Wrong! The fact is people waste a large amount of time [...]

Phishing And Fraud a What Is It?

Phishing is a very sneaky type of fraud conducted over the Internet. Its name is a throw back to the early days of hacking and identity theft and the practice of phone phreaking. While there can be very complicated schemes devised, they are all based on a very simple concept. Phishers try to persuade you, [...]

Steps To Take If You Are A Victim Of Identity Theft

Identity theft can be one of our worst nightmares, since the stolen identity is always used for illegal purposes. Apart from having your identity stolen from you, you could also become a target of litigation from parties hurt by the actions of the identity thief. So what should you do if you ever become a [...]

How to Prevent Identity Theft

In 1996, Mari Frank lost her identity to an internet hacker when a stranger accessed her credit report online. Ten months later, Frank, of Laguna Niguel, California, had a creditor call him about “her” outstanding debt and it was a lot, a huge lot, including payments for a red convertible that she apparently bought. What [...]

Understanding An Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Among the options you have when choosing a mortgage loan, there are those of a fixed or adjustable interest rate. While the fixed rate is easy to understand – the same interest throughout the life of the loan, it could be a good idea to have a closer look at how an adjustable rate mortgage [...]

Questions From an Identity Theft Victim

Identity theft is a crime in which the imposter obtains key pieces of information such as Social Security and driver’s license numbers to obtain credit, merchandise and services in the name of the victim. The victim is left with a ruined credit history and the time-consuming and complicated task of regaining financial health. The imposter [...]

APR and FEES Credit Cards

Many card providers calculate APR based on several tables. The APR is part of the package when receiving a credit card that you must understand to avoid debt. Nowadays, nearly any company that offers consumers the ability to pay their debts via phone will charge a fee. The fee sometimes starts at $1.50 and reaches [...]

Get a credit card with a low interest rate

Before you choose a credit card it would be wise to first find out the interest rates offered by all the credit card companies and banks. While you compare credit card companies and banks, take note of the ones with low interest rates and offer the best benefits. Don’t miss the fine print as that [...]

What You Need to Know about Identity Theft

When somebody uses your personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, credit card number, social security number and so on, with the intent to fraud or deceive, then they are committing identity theft. Typically, the information is used for financial gain by the thief. It may be to make unauthorized charges on your [...]

A Credit-free Card: What is a prepaid credit card?

In this high-tech era of computers and machines, the purchasing power of people is mostly based on credit. Nowadays, credit cards are almost indispensable in almost any business transaction. For one, nobody can purchase anything online without a credit card. People who have a poor credit history though, will have a hard time getting or [...]

How to Prevent Internet Banking Fraud

Internet banking, like any other business arena, is susceptible to fraud. Phonies abound in every type of business, and this is no different. Yet, there are some ways you can prevent being taken. One kind of fraud is done on fake bank sites. These are look-alike sites that imitate your internet banking website. They sometimes [...]

Capital One Financial Cards

We all need money to live to tell the tale and from time to time when our cash is low, a credit card can come in handy. Credit cards can also come in handy if you are traveling. Since, most people hate to carry cash while traveling they will often use a major credit card. [...]

How to Keep Your Internet Banking Account in the Black

If you keep a large balance in your internet banking account, it may be easy for you to keep it in good standing. However, if you are like many people, you might be running on a tight budget. If so, you will need to be careful about how you handle your account. One of the [...]

Red Alert Credit Cards

Therefore, you think you want a credit card and only know that the cards will provide you credit when you are low on funds. Nowadays, you need to know more that defaults, late fees, APR, annual fees, cash advance, rewards, and so forth to understand credit cards. Recent reports have clearly made known that these [...]

More Than Meets The Eye: What Is A Chase Credit Card?

With so many credit cards dominating the market these days, people can no longer tell the difference between one card to another. It all seems like a wide array of credit cards all committed to provide the consumers with substantial means in cashless shopping. However, there is one credit card that aims to be above [...]

For Reality: What Is A Low Apr Credit Card

Shopping had never been lousy since the advent of credit cards. Since then, people had always been indulging into various cashless shopping due to the convenience of the credit card. However, most people get credit cards only for the sake of shopping. They do not even read the fine print on their credit card and [...]

Asian Countries Worried About Identity Theft

For many people in Singapore and other Asian countries, theft of their identities is the biggest worry they face, according to the latest Security Index. Eighty percent of people who were surveyed in Singapore along are worried about others stealing their identities or using their credit cards without their knowledge. Hong Kong and Malaysia had [...]

What the new IRS rules mean for U.S. citizens living in Canada

U.S. citizens living in Canada now have an extra reason to celebrate this Canada Day, following the IRS announcement that it will offer tax reprieve to help Americans living abroad

Half of Canadians expect to be debt-free by 2017

Is it a dream or reality? Half of Canadians now in hock expect to be debt-free by 2017 and that includes their mortgage, a new Bank of Montreal study says

Canada pension plans pummeled in May

Human resources consultant Mercer says the solvency ratio of a typical Canadian pension plan fell by 7% last month

Quit saving and start spending

Some savers need to lighten up and let a few dollars escape their wallet. Here's how to do it

It pays to be a little paranoid with your retirement plan

Goof proof your retirement, as your future plan is only as good as the assumptions you make

Early retirement could mean decades of boredom

Family Finance: Robert and Greta will be beneficiaries of a hefty government pension, but also potential victims of it if they quit work permanently when Robert is just 54

Do you have debt phobia?

A poll commissioned for the Financial Post found that 55% of Canadians do not believe personal debt can be used to build wealth — are they wrong?

Manulife's critical illness insurance rates to rise up to 30%

Insurance broker Mark Halpern, who runs, says you have until June 15 to get your application in and your rates will be grandfathered

Why do we even want to retire?

Woody Allen is still going strong at 76. If we could gain some control over our working lives, would we WANT to work longer? asks Fred Vettese

Comment: Seniors should stay longer in the workforce

Seniors working longer is a win-win situation for Canadians, says actuary Fred Vettese. They will need the money and Canada will need the workers

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This Ontario couple needs to ditch the real estate and boost cash flow to retire at 55

Retirement is going to take substantial reorganizing of assets, expert says

FP Answers: What is a 'letter of wishes' and how does it help achieve my estate planning goals?

A letter of wishes is one way to deal with the lack of certainty regarding posthumous intent

Can this Alberta couple's six rental condos support their big travel plans in retirement?

Frank and Kerry have hung their retirements on delicate threads, expert says

Fly snowbird fly, but there are some things to know before you settle

Looking to invest in a vacation home outside Canada?A Before planting roots abroad, experts advise doing some extra exploration

Studying the market pays off for savvy couple with 12% gains and 'bulletproof retirement strategy'

But there are risks in the optimistic projections

FP Answers: Am I on track to retire in 25 years if I have $350,000 saved now?

Expert says current trajectory exceeds Ava's retirement goals

Family law faces double-dipping dilemma when it comes to stock options, other deferred compensation

Laurie H. Pawlitza: Courts have drawn a distinction between whether the 'double dip' is for the purposes of paying child support or spousal support

Couple in their 40s with $3 million in assets must diversify if they want early retirement

Because of bad experiences in stocks, they have put most of their savings into property

Ontario couple needs to plug a leak in their finances before settling in to a five-star retirement

Robert and Elly should ensure that they have their own life insurance, expert says

Turning your tax return into a year-round help, not just a one-off

When in doubt, allocate your tax refund to your emergency savings account

Credit card rewards can be an essential tool to help reduce millennials' debtA

Rewards can be used to help pay down larger debts such as student debt and mortgages

This Ontario scientist supports her family, but can she retire comfortably at 53?

Jillian, 50, has ample resources but managing her portfolio of assets is complex, expert says

FP Answers: Should we take money from our RRSPs, TFSAs or both to make a down payment on our first home?

Adviser suggests using the RRSPs first and then the TFSAs, and strive to have a 20-per-cent down payment to avoid CMHC fees

Giving while you're living and other options for the huge $30-trillion intergenerational wealth transfer

The best way to transfer wealth is rooted in a foundation of financial literacy, open discussion and honest communication

Lying low may not be the best course of action when it comes to temporary spousal support claims

Spousal support order a made a decade after separation a gives new meaning to the phrase 'a diamond is forever'

This Ontario woman should use her cash to get her mortgage under control heading into retirement

Ella is worried about the impact of interest rate increases on her mortgage payments

FP Answers: What are the tax implications of joint investment accounts?

There are some benefits to having your assets held jointly with your spouse, especially from an estate planning perspective

Women are the predominant benefactor in the great wealth transfer a what comes next?

It is imperative that women be informed, educated and clear on how our wealth will fund our future

Helping your kids financially may not be worth itA if adversely affects your own finances

Parents providing financial help to their adult children today may soon realize their goodwill comes with a hefty cost

Synchronized or staggered? This Alberta couple needs to decide whether to retire together or a decade apart

Ron and Mary would have more than enough to meet their modest goals, expert says

Commuting her pension could let this Ottawa civil servant have her cake and eat it, too. But is it worth the risk?

This dish is costly: annuities sold by profit-seeking insurance companies are not cheap, expert says

Here's what the soaring inflation rate means for your retirement

Jason Heath: Time horizon and effects of 'transitory' inflation are clearly much longer and more widespread than anticipated

B.C. couple has five rentals but doesn't own their own home a and that's a problem for retirement

Expert says they need to sell some rentals and buy a home of their own

Seven steps to help you stand tall and strong after divorceA

How women going through divorce can take charge of their financial future

The money conversations that will set you and your partner up for financial harmonyA

Important things to consider before committing

Judge awards damages for 'family violence' in landmark case

Adam N. Black: The court gave life to a new tort of family violence that addresses the cumulative impact of an abusive marriage

This B.C. couple in their 40s has $3.1 million in assets, but is it enough to retire in five years?

If Bernie and Suzy invest what they do not spend, they can do their own form of indexation, expert suggests

This Ontario woman may need to downsize, work part-time to meet her retirement goals

The first step for Amy is to improve her tax efficiency, expert says

How to navigate tricky conversations about finances and health with your aging parents

Children may find themselves having to step in as cognitive, physical or financial issues crop up in their parents' lives

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Tips on Recording Police From a Federal Court Case

A recent federal court case provides some useful tips about how and when you can record police, and how you can protect your rights. FindLaw has the details.

How To Leave Money to Beneficiaries Who Can't Manage It

What if your beneficiary can't handle their inheritance? Findlaw's Law and Daily Life explains testamentary trusts and how they protect beneficiaries.

Credit Card Fraud Is on the Rise. How Can You Protect Yourself?

FindLaw reports on the increase in credit card fraud and what people can do to protect their cards and personal information.

Will I Still Be Able to Get Birth Control?

FindLaw discusses whether the right to use birth control is under threat in light of the leaked draft Supreme Court abortion opinion in Dobbs.

COVID-19 Is Making Young Adults Think About Estate Planning

In FindLaw's Law & Daily Life blog, find out the reasons behind a 30% increase in young adults making wills and doing their estate planning.

Know Before You Go: The Latest COVID-19 Restrictions for International Travel

Planning an international summer trip in 2022? Findlaw Law and Daily Life has the latest updates in travel and mask requirements that you need to know.

TurboTax to Pay $141 Million for Deceptive Charging

FindLaw reports on Intuit agreeing to pay $141 million to settle a case alleging that it deceptively lured taxpayers to pay for tax filing services they could have gotten for free.

Is Your Website Following DOJ's Accessibility Guidance?

FindLaw summarizes the Department of Justice's claims about website accessibility. They will enforce website standards to ensure accessibility.

What Is a 'Personal Representative?' 6 Important Questions and Answers

Learn more on FindLaw's Law and Daily Life blog what a personal representative does and how to choose the right one to handle your estate.

So What Happens with Twitter Now?

FindLaw discusses the Twitter board's approval of Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter and what that may mean for the company, including speech restrictions

Getting from Adelaide to Perth

Many options are available to travelers looking to get from the South Australia capital city of Adelaide to the Western Australia capital of Perth. Travelers can choose to fly (for the quickest and easiest option), take a long-distance train (for the most unique option), drive (for the more adventurous route) or hop on a bus […]

10 Great Places to See in Australiaas Outback (Besides Uluru)

Think of the Australian Outback, and it’s likely to be one image that comes to mind first – Uluru. There’s good reason for this, of course, as the great red rock is an iconic image of not just the Outback but of Australia itself. As you might expect, however, there’s much more to the Outback […]

Top 5 Attractions on the Gold Coast

South of Brisbane lies the spectacular Gold Coast, 70 kilometres of coastline that blends sophisticated urban charms with some of the most beautiful natural settings in the world. While there are many state-of-the-art theme parks and amusements throughout the region, the knockout attractions are provided by nature with these 5 a must-see on your Gold […]

Top 10 Dive Reefs in Queensland

The clear warm waters and blue skies of Queensland make this region the number one dive haven in the world for Queensland holidays. DOWNLOAD OUR TRAVEL GUIDES FOR FREE DOWNLOAD NOW   Cod Hole at Ribbon Reefs in North Queensland offers scuba divers a large selection of local potato cod, as well as red bass, […]

Campervan Travel in Perth and Western Australia

Perth and Western Australia edge the Indian Ocean. The coastline has sandy beaches and Perth is on the lovely Swan River. The region has areas of agriculture, the Ningaloo Reef, forests, Shark Bay, and back-country wilderness, mountains, and dessert. The state also has national parks like Karijini and Kalbarri. While visitors to Australia typically head […]

Top 5 Perth Outdoor Attractions

Perth is slowly becoming one of Australiaas most popular holiday destinations. With its fast-paced development due to the mining boom in nearby areas, it is slowly becoming a hub for both glamorous and laid-back lifestyles. Perth hotels range from cheap, long-term options to 5 star and luxury accommodation that sits on its outskirts by private […]

5 Gap Year Destinations in Australia [Sponsored Post]

This post is brought to you by Columbus Direct. For more information on sponsored posts read here. Australia is one of the most popular gap year destinations in the world and a haven for younger travellers. It has world class beaches, thriving exciting cities and incredible attractions. Itas one of the best places for adventurous […]

Things to Do During the Australian Winter

When you think of winter, you tend to think of cold weather with lots of rain and early darkness. Well, thatas not quite what you get with winter in Australia. Whilst snow can be found in certain parts of southern Australia, especially Tasmania and Victoria, many parts of the country, such as Darwin in the […]

Beaches in Sydney

Despite being the largest city in Australia, one of the things for which Sydney is most famous for is its beaches. Bondi Beach has an international reputation as being one of the best beaches in Australia — and the world, a view which is only enhanced by the excellent surfing conditions there. Its surf entices […]

3 Great Ways to Explore Australia

Touring Australia can be like visiting several different countries at once; with sweltering summer heats and chilling winter snow to sophistication, class and the great Aussie outback, the options seem endless. Make the most out of your next holiday and explore Australia the right way. Walking & Hiking Tours Whether you want to take a […]

Estate Planning in 2022

After a year of speculation, 2022 begins with no new federal estate and gift tax legislation. The significant changes to federal estate and gift tax laws were not implemented by new legislation. Those changes included a substantial reduction in the estate and gift tax exemption among altered tax treatment for grantor trusts and even a […]

Thought about gifting in 2021 and 2022

There are many reasons you might consider giving your adult children a portion of their inheritance now while youare alive and well. Maybe youave seen your nest egg grow thanks to a robust stock market, and you have more in savings than you thought you would at this stage of your life. Perhaps you and […]

The 99.5% Act a Time to Rethink Your Estate Plan?

While many do not think all of the “For the 99.5% Act introduced by Bernie Sanders plan on March 25, 2021 will become law, there is certainly concern over the gifting and estate tax portions which would seem to affect more than just the upper 1/2 percent of the US population. This is the first […]

How to Select a Senior Living Arrangement for Your Elderly Loved One

How to Select a Senior Living Arrangement for Your Elderly Loved One Moving an older loved one into a new living arrangement is an emotional process. However, feelings aside, there are many practical steps we must take before a decision is made. From how to pay for custodial services to the kinds of help they […]

Surge on wills: Fearing death by COVID-19, people ask lawyers to write their last wishes

The Miami Herold is reporting the there is a surge in people asking for wills to be written. The article states: Lawyers are being bombarded with requests to write wills, update estate plans and prepare health surrogate or apull the pluga documents as people are confronted by the realization that they could be diagnosed with […]

Have You Lost Your Job because of the Coronavirus?

Have you lost your job because of the Coronavirus? As an essential business, we are open and available to meet by phoneA by calling (904) 990-8000 or video conference We have a Certified Online Notary on staff. Continue reading

Why Estate Planning matters during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and what you can do to prepare.

Why Estate Planning matters during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and what you can do to prepare. On March 17th, the outbreak of Coronavirus has grown to at leastA 4,226 cases, and numbers are still growing. According to theA CDC, Florida aloneA is ranging from 101-200 reported cases, and the elderly is a suspectableA target. The elderly and those withA any underlying […]

Important Questions we all want to know about Estate Planning

In Florida, an estate plan provides you a plan for what happens to your assets at your death. Another crucial part of your estate plan, specifically your will, is where one nominates who will be the guardian of any minor children. Although the court will decide what’s in the best interest of the child(ren), having […]

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